First day of classes at Atwater Ave Elementary

It was the first day of garden class for many new students at Atwater Ave Elementary this past week. Most of them are brand new to gardening, so I’m very excited to get them introduced to a whole new world of soil, seedlings, and magic!

We spent most of today playing some garden introduction games and learning about the best do-s and don’t-s of the garden.


We spent most of our garden time exploring, and looking for familiar fruits, vegetables, and insects!

The students quickly found our almost-ready eggplants and the mint plant, a big favorite at Atwater Elementary.
I, meanwhile, had my work cut out for me…I spent most of my break trying to tame our wild rosemary plants! We have three this big that are slowly encroaching into the paths. After about an hour of trimming away, I had an enormous pile…



And when I say enormous, I mean comically large. So I’ll be spending the next week learning how to properly dry rosemary for everyone to take home over the holidays.




It was an excellent first day of new students! I’m looking forward to this semester of gardeners, and am happy with how things are growing in the garden. The romaine is coming along very nicely, and once the front bed is more established, I think we’ve got all the bases covered and are prepared for a fantastic¬†harvest!

Until next week,

Ranger Natalie

Natalie Hodson

Natalie is an industrial designer with a passion for sustainability and building. She inherited her mother’s green thumb, and was fascinated with plants from a young age, spending most of her childhood wandering around the woods in Northeastern Ohio. Now, Natalie loves to spend her time wandering around national parks, trying new foods, and building things. She graduated in 2014 from the Rhode Island School of Design and has lived¬†in LA ever since.