The Los Angeles Rural Center at El Sereno Middle School. Part…arts and crafts space and lab


This Rural Center will build off of the pre-existing garden and Ranger Program at El Sereno Middle School through a unique partnership with the school. El Sereno has set aside a bungalow that will permanently house the EnrichLAbs, an all new woodworking studio, and teaching studio. 

We will with the district convert to farm where 13 old classrooms used to be. Our biggest garden ever!!

The EnrichLAbs will be the office space for EnrichLA, which will support interns and volunteers working to develop the organization, through program development, grant writing, and organizational assistance. The woodworking station will be one of it’s kind in that we will have workshops getting students to use their hands to build with wood. Our goal for the woodworking station is to be entirely machine free, and utilize non-automatic tools. The teaching studio will be a unique space used for indoor classes at El Sereno, as well as a training location for current Garden Rangers. El Sereno has a unique pre-existing program for special needs students, that will continue to grow and act as a model for other programs with EnrichLA gardens. 

The school will also be tearing down 2 unused bungalows, which will be replaced with a fully functioning farm that will be maintained by the current Garden Ranger and the students of El Sereno*. The renovations will include a full nursery /seedlings station, where Rangers from other schools can pick up seedlings for their own schools. This will eliminate the cost of buying seedlings and make EnrichLA less dependent on other organizations.It will also include a store of tools and teaching equipment at the disposal of Garden Rangers to aid in classroom activities.