salvaged banana salad

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Our morning started with collecting cafeteria waste for the compost pile. We salvaged all the edible portions of ripe bananas and amid talk of trash, dumps, methane gas, compost and food waste, we created a yummy Banana Salvage Salad!

slice slightly ripe bananas

IMG_8869 IMG_8872

add mint, parsley, curly kale, fuji apples from the garden,

meager asparagus and broccoli pickings also from the garden

IMG_8870 IMG_8873

some balsamic vinegar, olive oil, salt, black pepper and voila!

Of course nothing goes without lessons in disguise!

We got to explore why some veggies were so small or so few or so misshapen, describe the taste, texture, feel, sight, and smell of the salad on first and second pickings

IMG_8878 IMG_8875

and take a sprig of mint and parsley home to try the new recipe with friends and family!


Satiated with so little. The beauty of gardens!