Recognizing Fungi

January brought us much needed rain and the emergence of a wet habitat that we havent seen in a long while.

IMG_5011 IMG_5012

Between being sporadically thrust indoors and some days of bright sunshine, each class has been discovering the workings of a wet habitat. The emergence of mushrooms being the most obvious. They have been looking for these fungi in all the places they have begun to appear specially right after rain. The whys and hows of this common representation of the fungi kingdom has been fascinating them as they learn to recognize their habitat, know that all are not edible, that they come in various shapes, sizes and colors, and why the successful functioning of our garden’s ecosystem depends on these curious forms. Drawing what they have been finding mostly among decaying compost, and damp shady areas, is helping them refine their observation skills further.

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Tahereh Sheerazie

Tahereh likes to hike, bike, quilt, cook and most of all garden. She has been a garden ranger with EnrichLa since January 2015. She teaches middle school children, many of whom have special needs which has necessitated a slow, mindful approach to place based garden education. Improving soil, making compost, harvesting water, growing natives and ancient grains and journal writing, is what she enjoys doing most with the children.