November challenges!

Weve had a few cloudy days, some over 90F and a smattering of rain. Nothing is as Nov should or has been! We’ve planted seedlings and then had them toast before they could go too far. Yet many have survived the erratic weather.

All along were learning about ‘resilience’ and ‘rolling with the punches’! Here’s a pictorial journey of November in our garden.

IMG_9662 IMG_9663 IMG_9670 IMG_9667 IMG_9659 IMG_9661

In spite of it all we have some brassica, kale, chard, mizuma, celery and cilantro in the ground, and lady birds, lace wigs, butterflies, and grass hoppers fly around enjoying the freshest of artichoke leaves, tenderest of fennel stalks, sweetest of butterfly bush, and headiest of fragrant lavender!