April’s bounty

Lots goes down week after week, particularly in our special needs classes. Sometimes everyone can be highly productive and other times no ones in the mood for anything!

But what tells me that im getting through and that its both relevant and important, is when I meet some of these children in other areas of the school. If they aren’t yelling hello from a great distance, or running to give me a hug, for those that cant speak and are bound to their wheelchairs, just the sound of my voice seems to excite them. It tells me that to them I am a reminder of the flutter of leaves, the bright wings of the butterflies, the smells of flowers and the ever changing colors of all that grows in the garden. A source of source of joy in their unique lives but also in mine.

In April we’ve tended to our vegetable beds planted earlier in the spring, adding more corn, beans, sunflowers and summer cover crops.

IMG_8519 IMG_7781

Weve planted a variety of native California plants, converting our ‘arroyo’ into a diverse habitat that looks more like the real thing.

IMG_8242  IMG_8245 IMG_8240 IMG_7680

Weve added cover crops like garbanzo, runner and fava beans to our struggling row crop beds that needed a soil fixing boost.

IMG_8479 IMG_8513

And last but not least we’ve eaten from the bounties of a spring garden, and delighted in sharing them with the folks in the rural center and the larger school community.

IMG_8238 IMG_7766 IMG_8215 IMG_7769

IMG_7681 IMG_7676


Tahereh Sheerazie

Tahereh likes to hike, bike, quilt, cook and most of all garden. She has been a garden ranger with EnrichLa since January 2015. She teaches middle school children, many of whom have special needs which has necessitated a slow, mindful approach to place based garden education. Improving soil, making compost, harvesting water, growing natives and ancient grains and journal writing, is what she enjoys doing most with the children.