El Sereno Elementary reclaims goods for starting seeds.






At El Sereno Elementary the students used containers that they received and discarded daily to create the perfect containers for starting seeds. One man’s trash is a seed’s new home. Teaching the students to reclaim materials and give them a second purpose helped them realize they have the tools they need to start their own gardens, even in the smallest of spaces. A spent cilantro plant full of ladybugs and their larva was great for diminishing the aphid population on the cauliflower.

– Ranger Dan

Danny Yaffe


I am happy to be one of the new Garden Rangers this year for EnrichLA.

I have a background in Biochemistry as well as Horticulture and Urban Agriculture.

As a third generation Los Angeles native I have been invested in improving the living conditions and opportunities in this great city since my time at UCLA.

It is an honor to be a part of this program and I look forward to helping improve LA’s youths relationships with food.

-Ranger Dan