Eggplants at John Marshall

Today’s lesson was about Eggplant! I played a video from the website¬† This video taught the students how to plant eggplant seeds, how to care for eggplants in the different stages of development, and how to harvest eggplant. I wrote down notes on the board about eggplant for the students to learn even more about eggplant. Since eggplant needs to be planted in containers and then transferred into beds, for the activity, the students worked in teams to file up seed containers and plant eggplant seeds to grow in the garden. Snack today was lettuce from the garden with baba ganoush which is made from eggplant, now all of the students have tried eggplant!

Shelby Thibodeaux

I am from Houston, Texas and moved to L.A. in November. I graduated from Texas Tech University with an Environmental and the Humanities degree. I love being outside and growing food, and really love teaching the kids all about the environment.