Art Inspired by the Garden


Eastman had an open house. Thank you to the teachers and students who found inspiration in the garden to do their project.




Students harvested herbs for someone special in their lives.


Zuri Blandon

EnrichLA nominated for “Governor’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports” award

We are very happy for this nomination in recognition of our mission of bringing edible gardens to schools, mostly because  it will mean additional attention on the issues gardens address, plus the cash award will go a long way towards providing more gardens to communities in need. Want to help us get there? Please follow…
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Garden Build July 9th- DONT MISS OUT

We are keeping up the momentum after two successful garden builds, at Roosevelt Senior High School in Boyle Heights and Trinity Elementary School in Southeast Los Angeles. Our volunteers are invaluable when it comes to these events.  The man power, enthusiasm, and dedication of these volunteers help us to turn rock hard dirt into a…
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The garden salad that took a year to make

It started with a dream, perseverance, attracting like minded folk, designing, raising funds, making a reality the replacing of asphalt by a garden, building, planting, watering, weeding, mulching, composting, loving, meeting more new friends, making music, enjoying the hard work, learning, discovering… and tonight the community got together and created the first salad with veggies…
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A mural grows at Micheltorena Elementary

Inspired by the success of the garden, parents have been getting together for the last couple of weeks to continue the school beautification. Designed by comics artist -and parent- Jordan Crane, the mural in progress at the kindergarten yard is looking awesome! Stay tuned for the final result…
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Posts from Eco Enthusiast!

Zero-Waste Moving When I move, I usually re-use cardboard boxes from other people and then give my boxes to someone else to use. The cycle can only go a few rounds before the boxes are worn and unusable. I always hope the last person will recycle them, but you never know. I’ve heard about these…
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Enrich LA + Gilt City Volunteer Day

The Enrich LA / Gilt City volunteer day on Sat 6/25 was a big success. Gilt raised $2000 for Micheltorena and the food by Chego was excellent. Lisa Novick from Theodore Payne Foundation  was at hand to teach the volunteers the benefits of native plant gardens (minimal water needs and food for native birds and insects)…
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Organic Picnics For New Eco Magnet To Be Supplied by Whole Foods!

Whole Foods has made a name for itself by offering the highest quality, natural and organic products to its customers.  Their core values support healthy eating, community giving, and sustainability.  That is why it is so great to announce that Whole Foods has partnered with the new Environmental Magnet on the Thomas Starr King Middle…
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Enrich-LA has been awarded $5,000 by The South Central Neighborhood Council to build an edible garden at John Adams Middle School. 6/24/2011- FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact:  Tomas O’Grady Tel:  (323) 387-3866 Email:   Enrich-LA has been awarded $5,000 by The South Central Neighborhood Council to build an edible garden at John Adams Middle School.   ENRICHLA, a Los Angeles based Non-profit organization, based in Los Feliz, led by Tomas O’Grady (recent candidate for city…
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South Central Neighborhood Council awards $5000 for new garden at John Adams Middle School

Thank you SCNC, your contribution will make the upcoming garden a reality sooner! Great news for John Adams MS. Great news for South Central. Check out existing plot, the upcoming design, and stay tuned for volunteer build day!    
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“Garden, Grub and Give Back”

This Saturday, June 25th, Micheltorena garden will be participating in a “Gilt City” event.  Attendees will be experiencing a day of giving back to the community, great music, and good eats provided by the Pop-up Chego test-kitchen. Chego is the latest endeavor from chef Roy Choi, the brilliant man who brought you Kogi BBQ and…
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At Sherman Oaks Elementary Charter the Thursdays are Green

By Angeles McClure | October 1, 2018

At Sherman Oaks the new green generations started to sprout. We are very excited to start this scholar year with the hands in the ground. The first generation of Organic Gardeners began to plant the first seeds and seedlings on the raised beds. We learn about some specific rules that we must follow in the…

At Rio Vista the Seed is awake

By Angeles McClure | September 26, 2018

Rio vista welcomed the fall. On today’s lesson we discovered the power that the compost has and also how a seed grows. We started reviewing the process of composting, how is made of  and what kind of organisms helps it to break down into a little pieces the compost’s “ingredients”. We discovered that besides earthworms,…

Talking Dirt at El Sereno Elementary

By Sarah Heder | September 28, 2018

The kindergartners loved getting their hands dirty! We talked about the ingredients in soil — minerals, air, water, and organic matter. We did some investigating in the soil using magnifying glasses. We gathered around the garden beds and dug our hands in the soil. The kids described what it felt like using words like fluffy…

The Water Cycle at Atwater Elementary

By Sarah Heder | September 28, 2018

The students at Atwater Elementary enjoyed learning about the water cycle! We learned that a cycle repeats over and over again. Their minds were blown when I told them that the same water they use to take a shower in is the same water the dinosaurs swam in. Woah! We worked on the vocabulary words…

Red Onions and Befriending the Lunch Ladies at San Pedro Elementary

By Rocio Prado | September 18, 2018

  This was my first week as a Garden Ranger at San Pedro Elementary School. I’m learning that being a Garden Ranger means doing your best at negotiating many different moving parts. These include principals, faculty, community members, students, and the overall health of herbs, fruit trees, compost bins, and vegetables. Fortunately, I am in…

Mayberry Magicians Get Wormy

By Nicole Hernandez | October 11, 2018

The Mayberry Magicians this month got up close and personal with red worms to learn about Vermiculture! We started by reading together the “Wonderful World of Worms,” by Linda Glaser. Then we created a happy worm habitat drawing and pinpointed the parts of the anatomy we knew. The students were shocked to learn that there…

Vine Students’ Metamorphosis

By Seema Sundaresh | September 30, 2018

Students transformed into plants and insects!? Is this Vine St Elementary or Hogwarts!? This month students learned that aphids move around by hoping and ladybugs move slowly and methodically. They also learned that ladybugs help the garden by eating aphids that hinder a garden from thriving. They also learned the different parts of a plants…

Gardner Scientists and Curators

By Seema Sundaresh | September 30, 2018

This month, Gardner Elementary students had a busy month as scientists and curators! The fourth grade students at examined the health of the soil in the garden. They first felt the soil with their hands, wrote about what the soil felt like and made hypotheses on how much sand, silt, and clay was in the soil.…

Bruschetta at Kingsley

By Justine Tyler | April 1, 2018

Bruschetta is an antipasto (starter dish) from Italy consisting of grilled bread rubbed with garlic and topped with olive oil and salt. The wonderful kids and I at Kingsley Elementary made this classic dish today. Bruschetta with Tomato and Basil Recipe Prep time: 15 minutesCook time: 20 minutesYield: Makes 24 small slices, serves 6-10 as an…

A plant is what?!

By Sarah Shutman | March 29, 2018

When teaching about gardening, it is impossible to engage students if they don’t know what part of a plant I am talking about! For this lesson, I covered the parts of a plant. I discussed the roots, stem, leaves, fruit and flowers. I brought in a dug up mallow plant (to show roots, stem, leaves),…