Started From The Garden Now We’re Here- Dominguez high

Special treats cooked up by the students of Mr. Perez’ nutrition class today and I just HAD to step into the kitchen with them.. Well, technically the whole class is pretty much a kitchen, so that was easy…

Today was a super cool day as we had our EnrichLA family school (Whaley Middle School’s) eighth graders come and take a tour of Dominguez high school. In preparation of them choosing where their next level of schooling will be, we made sure we gave them a lasting impression, via food.

Fresh Brussels sprouts direct from the Dominguez garden

Raw Honey roasted Baby Brussels Sprouts and cinnamon baked butternut squash fries – I pulled this out of our  home recipe book. You can find me in an EnrichLA garden for the full recipe. LOL.

A prepared salad. All greens and herbs picked fresh from the garden. (White Russian Kale, German chamomile, Sylvetta Arugula. Marjoram, Thyme and even a little Lemon Verbena and Holy Basil).. Oh, and chives!

Butternut squash cut and seasoned by the students.

Salad topping all prepped by the hands of the awesome young adults. 

Seasoned and headed to the oven. I think this won the middle schoolers over if the Brussels didn’t.


Yancy Comins

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