Last Day at Dominguez high – Dominguez high

Last days….. We set it up in the former week to know what we will be executing. .

So the seniors were gone and that was sad. I didn’t get to say my good-byes and good-lucks.. But the show must go on…

Today we are ripping out the old to get ready for summer plants. We have clipped the good veggies, trimmed down the herbs some, plucked the edible flowers, removed the over matured, saved the seeds and watered the fruit trees.. I will let you take a glimpse of how the last day played out.. A lot of work was done, but I’m going to miss these students.  .

Stone Fruit on the rise to ripeness!

A portion of what we harvested here. Yes, those are white carrots!   The beauty of Nature

My Freshman student showing her sunflower strength!

Out there in the Nike sandals, still holding down the garden!

Fava’s Golden

Brussel Sprouts and Broccoli 

Special Delivery – White Russian KaleFeenel goes Cray


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