I’m Hungry – Dominguez high

Photo Feb 15, 8 58 28 AMOut in the garden there is lots to eat, And a lot more growing. Inside the classroom, we are learning the how culture family and society affects are perspective on food. This is going beyond food for calories. This is speaking to growing habits of appreciation of our natural foods and all the splendor food brings with it. Our kids are truly excited to speak about their relationships with food while learning how the importance of natural grown food..

Exciting times are to come when we take another big step towards food and the understanding of its power!Photo Feb 15, 8 59 33 AM Photo Feb 15, 9 00 10 AM Photo Feb 15, 8 57 22 AM Photo Feb 15, 8 57 40 AM Photo Feb 15, 8 57 47 AM

Yancy Comins

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