Holiday Love – Dominguez High

Photo Dec 13, 10 33 32 AMAs the last week in the school year at Dominguez High, I decided to put a hold on the lessons outside in the garden and focus on something just as important within the walls of the classroom.. We spent our time watching this Great video by the folks over at Appetite For Change. A cool song and video about growing your own food and food justice! Then we went right into the Ron Finely produced documentary, “Can You Dig This”. Which is perfect for these youth because the video focuses on Compton and South LA issues, which these teens live out everyday! Very good tools to teach and discuss as we prep for our project when we return from Winter break!

Photo Dec 13, 9 51 25 AMHere is an awesome piece of deliciousness Mr, Perez whipped up for me in the kitchen using greens and radish right from our garden!

Photo Dec 13, 9 06 13 AMBroccoli will be perfectly plump upon our return! Yessss!

Yancy Comins

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