Heads up! Starting Classes at Dominguez High

Happy May! Today we started up classes at Dominguez High to encourage the students to learn about gardening and healthy eating before summer starts.

We started the class introducing ourselves and sharing our fave fruit or vegetable and also something we want to see growing in the garden or something we want to learn. We also played Heads Up, Fruit and Vegetable Style.


Then we walked around the gardens tasting nearly everything from chard to radish to lettuce to kale to mint leaves to lemon verbena and more! Some students shied away from tasting spicy mustard, arugula and nasturtium flowers but others excitedly snagged the opportunity to try something new. 🙂




Lastly, we planted flower seeds & tomato starts and watered to kick start the garden before next week!

I’m excited to see what we’ll learn this month and how the garden will grow!

~ Ranger Hope