Global omelettes at Dominguez

Today was an exciting cooking educational class for everyone at Dominguez. Following off of last week’s lesson about where food comes from, the first two classes made omelettes in the styled after different cultures/ regions. Students made French, Greek, Spanish, Southwest, and Hawaiian style omelettes. Because the room is equipped with stoves and cutlery, students had a lot of flexibility when cooking. My only request was that they used the ingredients that make up each style . Afterwards, the students presented their omelettes to the class and briefly detailed their cooking methods and taste reviews. All around, delicious!

cooking omomelettes globalburnt omelette trio(1)

The 9th grade came out to the garden and collaborated in some garden work and salad creation. A lot of students were hesitant to help cut. I then realized that many have never cut with a Chef’s knife before, which I borrowed from Perez, so then a group of 10 students each took turns cutting up some lettuce, tomatoes, and onions for the salad. We also added fava beans, which were very freshly picked and blanched!

knife skillsDominguez salad