#GivingTuesday- Dominguez High

Fibonacci sequences as brain food and Nasturtiums for a snack.. On this Giving Tuesday We gave the gift of nasturtiums to our taste buds. As we did our weekly observations in the garden, I decided to spice things up by letting students try our nasturtium plant, growing in the garden (Thanks to Hope). We went through the flavor profiles as it change from a leafy green to a peppery spice to a hint of green apple! Haha. So cool to see them eat it in all different ways: “Encouraging Besties”, the brave-heart, the peer-pressured nibblers and of course, the nonchalant clip and chew(ers) bahaha.. It was a blast. Meanwhile we discovered our radish patch after this nice rain, had turned into half radish half carrot, and the emergence of sunflowers and fennel are literally popping out of the ground! Nature is so awesome!


Photo Nov 29, 9 42 33 AM Photo Nov 29, 10 42 20 AM Photo Nov 29, 10 01 07 AM Photo Nov 29, 10 00 56 AM Photo Nov 29, 10 10 35 AM

Yancy Comins

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