Fer-Til-Ize – Dominguez High

So a couple of teachers near the garden had to close their doors on this day.. WHY? Because we had the whole place smelling like a hundred pounds of rotten fish (Or some of my students would say, a bit like chocolate milk)! But believe me, that was a great thing! We fertilized with fish emulsion and blood meal plus we gave our fruit trees a little something-something and sewed new seeds all before that good ol rain!. I could say our timing was perfect, but, I won’t. Lol.. The students are starting to see the time it takes, to be a plant! Patience grasshopper….

Photo Nov 15, 11 19 22 AM Photo Nov 15, 11 19 37 AM Photo Nov 15, 11 41 05 AM Photo Nov 15, 12 23 50 PM