Warm season veggie time at Delevan!

May 11, 2017.

Did you know tomatoes like to grow in the warm season but not the cool season? Or that Broccoli likes to only grow in the cool season? That’s what Delevan students learned this day, cool and warm season veggies. To learn different veggies, we played a card game in which each student received a card with a picture of a veggie on it, and stated whether it liked to grow in cool or warm weather. After the game, some students volunteered to share to the whole class what was on their card. At the end of class, the upper grades had the chance to amend some beds with compost and get some seedlings in!

Student came with this lovely garden related shirt!

Student sharing what veggie she is, and if it likes cool or warm weather.

Clearing the bed of any dead material with the 4th/5th graders!

Kindergartners planting corn seeds that the 4th graders amended with compost.

Planting seedlings of marigolds, onions, and beets in one of the beds that just got amended with compost with Ms. Beaty’s class!

-Ranger Cindy

Cindy Soto