Seed Anatomy at Delevan Drive

On June 1st we learned a little bit of seed anatomy. To learn, we did a hands on activity, “dissecting” a bean seed. First, took the seed coat off, opened it in half and saw the cotyledons and also the embryo or as I call it with the students, the “baby plant.” There are more parts of a seed, but we only started off by learning three parts, with our 4th graders we extended a little bit more. After dissecting the seed, the students were able to look and touch different seeds, including red corn seeds that the students thought were pomegranate seeds! We also learned 6 different ways that seeds are dispersed in nature.

Planted a some California Natives today, a Coast Sunflower, two California Poppy seedlings (you can see one in the bed) , common yarrow, milkweed, and wild onion (not in the picture).

Looking at different seeds, here we have red corn seeds, and purple bush beans.

Students planting more corn seeds.

4th grade class looking at how dicot and monocot seeds grow.

-Ranger Cindy

Cindy Soto