Making Compost piles at Delevan Drive

May 18, 2017

How can you return or recycle food waste back to the Earth?? By COMPOSTING! Instead of sending food waste, green waste (like freshly cut leafs for e.g.), and dead material to the landfill where it just sits, why not compost instead? Today, the students at Delevan learned about compost, the ingredients and the steps of starting a compost pile. To learn how to make compost, the students did it themselves! Since a bed of Swiss Chard was going to seed, we used that bed to clear it and make our pile. Students collected Swiss Chard leafs for our greens, and dried leafs for the browns. We also enjoyed some yummy organic tomatoes with a little bit a lemon and Tajin before out pile making.

Diving into the Swiss Chard bed!

We first started with sticks for the bottom of the pile, and then chopped the leafs into smaller pieces.

Adding the browns to the compost pile.

The last class finished off the bed, which was also in preparation for the Saturday garden workday, so the garden bed could get fully amended with compost and then get more summer veggies in!

Students collecting the dried leafs from the bed for our compost pile.

-Ranger Cindy


Cindy Soto