Flower Parts at Delevan

May 25, 2017

Today was all about flowers! Learning why flowers are important and their reason, and also their parts. I started off with reading the book, “The Reason for a Flower” . In which the students learned that the reason for a flower is to make seeds! Then it was about learning a few parts of the Lily flower, the Pistil and the Stamen. The Stamen is the male part of the flower, and produces pollen grains. The Pistil is the female part of the flower, and receives the pollen. Not all flowers have the two parts in the same flower, some plants have a separate female flower and a separate male flower like the Zucchini. We finished off with tasting broccoli, a flower!


Looking at the pistil, stamen and pollen of the flower.

The 4th grade class looking and touching a plant that has a separate female and male flower.

Students also looking how a plant goes to seed. This one is a cilantro, and was left so students can see the stages of a plant going to seed after flowering.

Planting sunflowers in one of our newly fixed up beds from the volunteer day.

Here’s a quick update on how the garden is looking since our big volunteer day, as well plants that were added today.

Strawberry and Onion seedlings went in today!

Our flower bed is doing pretty well!

Marigolds, tomatoes, peppers and basil all in this bed.

-Ranger Cindy

Cindy Soto