Are Tomatoes and Basil good companions?

Last Wednesday on March 22nd, we learned about companion planting, which plants can be buddies in the garden and which ones wouldn’t be buddies. We started off with the three sisters, which are, corn, beans and squash. If they are all planted together, they are good companions and actually benefit each other in some way. We discussed those benefits and went on to to play a companion planting card game, which had several other examples of companions. Each card was a different fruit or veggie, and listed it’s likes and dislikes when it comes to companion planting. Everybody had to find at least one buddy listed on their card and partner up. At the end, all students shared what buddy they partnered up with from their list.

"Are you a companion of mine?"

“Are you a companion of mine?”


Snow Peas are finally starting to come out!

Snow Peas are finally starting to come out!

-Ranger Cindy


Cindy Soto