All about seeds!

October 20th, 2016, our 3rd week at Delevan, it was all about SEEDS! We also had a new class join us, so we all introduced ourselves, talked about the garden rules and explored the garden.

The first question of the day was, “where do plants grow from?” Some said soil, and some said “the roots!” But they grow from SEEDS!We talked about how there are different kinds of seeds of which have many varieties and colors like corn; red, blue, yellow, and purple. There are also different sizes, like a small basil seed and an avocado or mango seed which are big!

A simple drawing of a seed to show just a few parts of a seed. We also had a drawing of a corn seed on the back. 


We went over a simple anatomy of a seed with a poster I had brought along with me. We learned a few new words; seed coat, cotyledon, embryo (or as we called it the “baby plant”) and endosperm. We went over what each word meant. After, we also went over the 5 ways that seeds are dispersed in nature; water, air, gravity, animals, and mechanical, for the purpose of reproducing. I added that we as humans harvest those seeds ourselves, and save them for the next season.

Afterwards, we headed over to where I had set up a couple of seeds for the kids to touch and see. We had lots of corn! Yellow, purple and red ones!

Exploring different seeds!


We also had some beans and lentils I had soaked overnight. And what we did with those was DISSECT them! Instead of just seeing the parts of the seed on a poster, we got to see them with our own eyes. We first took off the seed coat, and then opened it in half and we all got to see the “baby plant”. All the kids were amazed to see it, and see how tiny it was.

Taking off the seed coat!


The dissected bean!


We ended with starting a small experiment for next week’s class. To see how a seed first starts coming through the “seed coat”. Everyone either got a corn seed or cilantro seed of their choice, we put them in mason jars with moist towels. Some made a bet that the corn would start growing a plant first, some said the opposite. We shall see!

Putting in our seeds in the mason jars .


Our 4th graders got to harvest some seeds from the dried basil flowers!

-Ranger Cindy

Cindy Soto