Work, work, work….

Last week at Dayton we really got to work.   The kids and I discussed seasons for a bit and the rise in temperature was a perfect segueway into figuring out which plants thrive in which climates.   We could see many of our lettuces and broccolis bolting and talked about why they do so.   It was time for planting some summer loving plants, but prepping beds was to come first.   Heavy rains are great for a winter garden, but with all that precipitation, the soil was severely compacted so we did a LOT of turning and amending.   The kids were so helpful.   Once things were fluffy and in order, we planted beans, corn and tomatoes.   The kids ate a ton of snap peas and celery and we loaded up three boxes of carrots and herbs for the staff lounge.IMG_7685 IMG_7690 IMG_7691

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