Dirt Detectives!

Who wants to get their hands dirty?! How about every student at Dayton Heights! The kids were thrilled to be dirt detectives for the day and eagerly examined all different types of soil. They dug deeper in their exploration of sand, silt, and clay, as they uncovered the important role each type plays in creating the perfect soil for our plants. In the end, there was only one kind of soil that unanimously reigned supreme..our beloved LOAM!

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Marianela Pereyra

A mindful foodie who takes what she thinks as seriously as what she eats! After so many years in the wonderful world of television, I am now pursuing my love of nutrition, gardening, kids, and mindfulness, with the creation of my blog, The Fuddhist. For over a decade I’ve educated myself on the healing power of food, and hope to inspire every person I come in contact with the information I’ve learned to help them lead a more vital and fruitful life. I truly believe we can change the world, one edible garden at a time. Children are great imitators, so let’s give them something great to imitate!