Corn Pollination at Toluca Lake Elementary

The students at Toluca Lake got a first hand lesson in pollination this morning. We learned some new corny vocabulary words like tassels, silks and kernels.

The corn in the garden has begun to flower which means the tassels have “bloomed” and the silks have begun to show their hairy heads along the stalk. After reviewing corn anatomy and pollination the students were able to hand pollinate the corn; each with their own tassel. They may not realize it, but probably NONE of the adults they know have ever done this. It’s a special garden privilege to catch a plant at the right time to hand pollinate it.

The onions have finally bloomed!  After a few weeks in a row of the buds threatening to burst open, the purpley/white flowers have emerged and have not disappointed.  The are a magnificent balls of grouped flowers- right at child eye level!

Jessica Brown