Corn Happenings at Kester Elementary

This morning I had the pleasure of substitute teaching at Kester Elementary School. I brought along my popcorn lesson that never fails to entertain! Before getting into the corn- the classes got a walk-about tour of the garden.  We checked out the poppies, tomatoes, flowering dill and, of course, the strawberries.

We then settled in for our corn lesson and tasting. I gathered from the teachers that they had recently cover states of matter in their science unit, which was perfect. I performed a magic trick before their very eyes. In the pot I put only 2 items- corn and oil. When the corn was done popping the pot was full of water vapor. AKA steam!

So where did the steam come from?  Well, inside each seed is a small amount of water. Every seed has an embryo, which is the part that is alive- and anything that’s alive needs water to live. As the water inside each seed heats up it turns to steam, which in turn creates pressure which then causes the seed to explode into popcorn!

The students and the teachers alike had a great time learning these cool science tricks- and munching on some popcorn as well.

Jessica Brown