Seed Anatomy at Clifford

May 30, 2017

On Tuesday we learned a little bit of seed anatomy. To learn, we did a hands on activity, “dissecting” a bean seed. First, took the seed coat off, opened it in half and saw the cotyledons and also the embryo or as I call it with the students, the “baby plant.” There are more parts of a seed, but we only started off by learning three parts. After dissecting our seed, we went to the garden beds to harvest the dried up marigold flowers. This was to see how after pollination and the flower was done, it produces SEEDS! Connecting it to last weeks lesson and today’s. We also learned 6 different ways that seeds are dispersed in nature. ¬†We finished our day with a harvest of strawberries or tomatoes.

Drawing I made to use as we dissected the seed.

Collecting the dried up marigold flowers.

Our dissected bean, along with the opened up marigold flower.

Students were surprised to see that each flower contained about 20 seeds!

Harvesting strawberries!

This was one tomato I found hiding within the leaves, it was the size of my whole hand! The biggest tomato harvested yet!

-Ranger Cindy



Cindy Soto