Seasons and new rotation at Clifford

On Tuesday May 9th, was the first day of the last rotation of the year. These classes have been to the garden before, so they were just reminded of the rules to follow in the garden. We started off by talking about what seasons are, and how there are veggies who only like to grow in the cold season, and others in warm season.┬áTo learn more about which veggies like to grow in cool or warm weather, we played a card game. Each student received a card with a fruit or veggie on it, with a C or W on the back, for cool or warm. I would describe a type of weather condition, if it was favorable to the veggie, those students with that card would get up and cheer or dance. If it wasn’t a favorable weather condition those veggies would be dormant or “sleeping”. To end the class, students that volunteered to share, came up to the front of the class to share what veggie they were and if it was a cool or warm season veggie.

The sleeping veggies!

Sharing to the class.

Harvesting tomatoes at the end of class.

Found the biggest strawberry yet at the garden!

-Ranger Cindy


Cindy Soto