Flowers and Summer harvest!

May 23, 2017

Today, the students of Clifford learned about flowers, some anatomy and the reason for flowers. To learn the reason why there are flowers, I read a book called, “A Reason for a Flower”. The kids learned that the reason for a flower is, to make seeds. We went on to learn two parts (out of many) of a flower, the Pistil and the Stamen. The Stamen produces pollen grains and is the male part of the flower. The Pistil receives the pollen grains, and is the female. The students examined real lilies with paintbrushes, and each got to point out the pistil and stamen. To end class, students first explored for more flowers in the garden, and then harvested tomatoes!

Students looking at the Lily up close.

Looking at the pollen they just picked up from the Stamen.

Exploring the garden for more flowers and its parts.

1st grade class helped with harvesting all the ripe tomatoes in the garden. Hope the office enjoyed them!

End of the day harvest. Full of summer veggies!

-Ranger Cindy

Cindy Soto