Companion planting at Clifford

May 16, 2017

A day about plants that get along when planted together, companion planting! Companions don’t just get along but typically benefit each other in some way or another. The Three Sisters, corn, squash and beans, is a good example of companion planting. One of the many benefits we talked about was, how the corn provides a trellis or surface for the bean to grow nice and tall. To learn more about companions, we played a matching card game, find your companion! Each card was a different fruit or veggie with its listed “likes” and “dislikes.” After the game, classes were able to help add and spread compost in the garden beds, one class even harvested the onions, and then amended the bed with compost! Students got to harvest a cherry tomato or strawberry of their choice to enjoy!

Looking at The Three Sisters in a drawing.

Harvesting the Onions with the 1st graders!

And spreading out the compost with them.

Strawberry harvest!

Planting watermelon seeds!


-Ranger Cindy

Cindy Soto