Ants on a Log at Clifford

Students at Clifford learned how to read a recipe and how to measure cups and spoons. They made Ant on a Log with celery, grapes, and peanut butter. My kindergarten class was able to count the number of grapes they put on their “log” and had to write “1/2” on their paper, for half a tablespoon.

The older students read a recipe and identified where to find the nutritional information and locate the number of servings. In addition, we played a game of charades using the words; chop, grate, knead, carve, and drain.


The students also saw the progress their compost bin is making!

Ashley Banuelos

Ashley is a new member of EnrichLA, who just graduated from UCLA with her Bachelors in Geography/Environmental Studies. She is very passionate about the environment and LOVES elephants. Ashley has studied food deserts in Los Angeles and is eager to begin teaching the next generation about healthy eating!