Parts of the Plant

This weeks class covered the five, and sometimes six, parts of a plant and what their job is in keeping the plant alive and well. They are:

  1. Seed: Is the baby plant and is waiting for the right conditions to open up and grow roots. For older kids the seed is described as the fertilized ovule of a flowering plant that contains the embryo.
  2. Root: Organ of the plant that absorbs water and nutrients and holds the plant in place.
  3. Stem: Tranpsorts nutrients to the rest of the plant, similar to your spine.
  4. Leaf: Grows off the stem and converts sunlight into food for the plant, AKA photosynthesis.
  5. Flower: Provides nectar for pollinators and is responsible for reproduction and seed making.
  6. Fruit: The part of the plant that then produces seeds, AKA the ripened ovary.

We then played a guessing game where I shared a clue about a fruit or vegetable we eat that is a specific part of the plant. After the game we explored the garden to identify different parts of the plant. We finished with a snack of dried cherries and raw almonds, which are the fruit and seed part of the plant.