Maintenance and Planting

The garden needed a lot of attention this week and the kids were more than happy to roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty. Maintaining the garden means removing dead plant matter, pruning and dead-heading plants, cleaning out leaves fallen from the trees, and mulching tomato plants. Speaking of tomato plants, we put in four more ‘maters and watered them in. In this new rotation of classes the kids were so excited to do some planting. We also snacked on carrots and celery, and mint leaves. It was a productive, delightful, and delicious day working in the garden.

Cheremoya cleaning out past plants

Sara Haston

Sara Haston has been a Garden Ranger with Enrich LA since October 2015. Her background is in Health, Farming, and Cooking. She is originally from El Paso Texas and moved to Santa Monica California in 1997. In her free time she enjoys exploring nature, practicing yoga, and having dinner parties.