Garden Salad and Soil Sampling

This week’s weather was a bit damp, which was great for our newly transplanted tomatoes, basil, and beans! Many of the mature plants were calling us to┬áharvest them and make a salad. As a group the kids and I harvested rainbow chard, cabbage, kale, basil, mint, nasturtium leaves and flowers, and calendula flowers. Then we all rinsed everything off and I began to prepare the salad. I combined all the greens and dressed them with Italian dressing. Most of the kids gobbled up the salad, and some even asked for seconds.

During┬áthe other half of our time we broke into groups and took soil samples. We discussed it’s structure and the 3 “ingredients”, or mineral particles that make up the structure of soil; sand, silt, and clay. We also discussed the function of each particle and the ideal combination for plants to grow in; Loam: equal parts sand and silt with a little less clay.

harvest salad cheremoya

Sara Haston

Sara Haston has been a Garden Ranger with Enrich LA since October 2015. Her background is in Health, Farming, and Cooking. She is originally from El Paso Texas and moved to Santa Monica California in 1997. In her free time she enjoys exploring nature, practicing yoga, and having dinner parties.