Eat the Rainbow and Rainy Day Painting Party with Fruits and Veggies

Even though the drizzly rain that Spring is bringing us is much appreciated, it keeps us from working in the garden. Luckily I was able to gather supplies and teach a lesson in the classroom today. I gathered oranges, apples, and carrots for our painting party. Before beginning we talked about how important it is to eat a variety of fruits and vegetables that come in all different colors. We talked about how each color offers our bodies unique benefits. Each student was able to share examples from each color category. After the lesson we set up for our painting party. We cut up the fruit and distributed them to each table along with paints. It was neat to see the different applications that each student explored with the produce and paints. Here are photos of their fruit and vegetable art!

painting cheremoyamixing colors cheremoya


Sara Haston

Sara Haston has been a Garden Ranger with Enrich LA since October 2015. Her background is in Health, Farming, and Cooking. She is originally from El Paso Texas and moved to Santa Monica California in 1997. In her free time she enjoys exploring nature, practicing yoga, and having dinner parties.