Climate at Cheremoya

No better time to talk about climate than while you’re braving the high temperatures! Luckily, there was a large section of shade where we could hide from the strong sun and play our game! We learned about the two planting seasons in Los Angeles and how our climate is ideal for growing food. The students learned when particular plants would be happy or sad based on the weather conditions. They ran back and forth to the happy and sad sections depending on what the forecast was. The plants on the sad side slowly shriveled and died while the happy plants jumped and cheered! It was quite a sight!

They also had a chance to play a guessing game with their plant cards. It’s the plant version of Guess Who where you have to guess what plant you are asking only yes or no questions-not as easy as it looks!

Meanwhile, the kale is going strong and some new lettuce seedlings are sprouting up out of the dirt!

-Garden Ranger Elyse image