Today in class we talked about Trash.  Where does our trash go after we put it in the trashcan and it gets taken away?  We talked about how landfills and dumps are not good for the environment and how reusing, recycling, and composting can benefit our planet.  We focused on the compost pile in our garden and talked about the types of things we could and could not put in the compost.  (You can put in: old fruit and veggies, old plant waste, coffee grounds, tea bags, egg shells, etc.)  We talked about how the things we put in the compost eventually breaks down into soil that is very nutritious for plants, and how bugs, microbes, air, and water aid in this “breaking down” process.  The students then drew their own compost including the bugs, waste, and microbes we find in the compost.

IMG_2340 IMG_3135 IMG_2329

Olivia McClintock