Calvert – War on Weeds

Hello Garden Friends,

IMG_0032The air was cold, the ground was wet, the enemy could be seen lurking around the edges of our beds and around the bases of our trees. It was time to take up arms. With claws and hula hoes the 2nd graders spent the first half of class learning that a farmer’s job can be hard, both emotionally and physically. It’s not all rainbows and sunshine when you have to pull a big Mallow root out of the soil. Who wants to be the bad guy right? Well, today we justified our actions by acknowledging that these plants can make the pathways unsafe and can also steal water from the plants that we do want to grow.







With the second half of class I made sure that the students got to do some planting as well. It is a more hopeful and gratifying job in my opinion. Looking at the colorful seed packet and imagining the future harvest inspires the children to pay attention and sow the seeds correctly. 1″ deep for beans and 1/2″ deep for sunflowers.

Until next time,