Calvert – Strawberries at Recess!

Hello Garden Friends,

While the kindergarteners were out on a field trip this week, I got to visit with lots of children who came to play in the garden with me at recess and lunch. The highlight for us all was a food meditation around one of the most sacred fruits in a school garden. The strawberry! Together we focused our thoughts on how the strawberry came into our palms. From the seed, to the roots, up to the steams and out to the leaves – which had to harvest at least a 3 months of sunshine before it could put out a flower – which needed a bee to make a fruit. It took teamwork to harvest and cut the strawberry so that everyone could enjoy. And how wonderful it is to share food – smelling first, then tasting the warm sweet juice.

Creating moments for these students is one of the best parts of my job. These moments pooled together collectively are what shape children from unthinking consumers into connected beings who are conscious about the soil and work to be good stewards of the earth.

Below is another cool picture of the students helping me weed the mallow.

Until next week!

-Jeff Mailes

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