Calvert St. – Starting Seeds in the Hoop House

Hello Garden Friends,

It’s alive, its alive! The hoop house is finally up and running! Not a moment too soon either! With the last week of school before winter break already upon us it is nice to know we have an automated system to keep the children’s seeds wet and warm over the new year.

Last Friday, the 2nd and 3rd graders were hard at work stocking our new hoop house with all kinds of annual seeds. First we had to learn about warm and cold seasons and then some general rules to follow when deciding what crops to grow. To put simply, the warm season is from March to October and the cold season is everything else. The other rules were explained as follows:
1. If its a dark green leafy vegetable, plant it in the cold season.
2. If it grows underground, plant it in the cold season
3. If we grow it to produce a colorful fruit, plant it in the warm season

Can you think of any exceptions to the rules?

Below is a picture of our hoop house. If you have any questions about its construction feel free to leave a comment below! Also, shout out to the PTA at Calvert for providing the new 6mm greenhouse plastic and connector clips! Thank you!

With garden love,
-Jeff Mailes