Calvert – Seeding with the Kindergarteners

Hello Garden Friends,

Last Friday we planted bean seeds with the kindergarteners. I taught them how to plant seeds and they taught me how to be a better teacher.

When I arrived on campus with my guitar I planned to teach the students about the importance of soil by singing “Dirt Made My Lunch” and planting bean seeds. After having done something similar with the 1st graders a few weeks ago I had expected a similar scenario. I was wrong – maybe I’ve been working with high school students too much recently. Anyhow, last Friday I was reminded that the comprehension levels of a K student varies greatly from that of a first grader.

While both age groups are primarily focused on learning using sensory stimuli, the language comprehension abilities of the two age groups vary greatly – especially when it comes to receiving directions and acting on them. Here’s how I broke it down for the young ones – creating a sort of call and response mantra with the students using the bolded phrases:

  1. Get a seed – wait patiently for me to hand you a bean seeds
  2. Find a hole – look closely at the water line for little holes with water coming out
  3. Finger in ground – bury finger to second knuckle by the hole in the pipe
  4. Seed in ground – put the seed where your finger used to be
  5. Cover with soil – lightly scratch the soil to cover your seeds

Beans grow quickly so I expect the kindergarten students to be very excited about the soon to be seedlings 🙂

Until then!

-Jeff Mailes