Calvert – Light Misting

Hello Garden Friends,

This week at Calvert we had a few of the kinder classes cancel due to a light misting. I was a little disappointed, but I reminded myself that wet students don’t learn well. Since moving back to California from Oregon, I notice myself being extra critical of my fellow California Natives. If we stopped working every time it rained in Oregon we would never have gotten anything done! That being said, most people here don’t have proper raincoats and liability of slipping on the playground.. blah..blah..blah.

The classes that did show up had a great time! We inspected the compost pile that we built a few weeks ago and were very impressed by the amount of decomposition that occurred! We also got to smell the sage flowers, harvest arugula seeds, and look at the seedlings in the greenhouse.

All in all it was a good last day for the kindergarten class. I’ll see them again once more before the end of the school year.

Until next time!

-Jeff Mailes