Calvert – Growing from Groceries

Hello Garden Friends,
This Friday at Calvert Street we continued our lessons from last week about the food chain and where food comes from by talking about seasonal vegetables and closing the linear consumption chain. From the field –> to processor –> to distributor –> to retail —> to consumer –> and now how to go back to the field.

The lesson started by teaching the students how to shop for seasonal vegetables. There are three basic principles I said: 1) If it is all green and not a fruit, it can handle the cold weather 2) If it grows under the soil it can handle the cold season 3) If it is colorful or a fruit it is ripe during the warm season. The students then proceeded to give examples on warm and cold season vegetables using their new-found knowledge. Next I showed them an example of something that is planted during the cold season because it grows underground. I purchased garlic bulbs from the local grocery store and taught the students how to separate the cloves from the bulb and carefully orient the cloves root side down into the soil. I also purchased some celery after learning the same thing can be accomplished buy replanting the bottom of the stalk into the soil. We used the top of the stalks in a recipe called “ants on a log.” A personal favorite crafted by smearing peanut butter into the celery stem and sticking raisins strategically into the peanut butter.
Until next week, Grow on!
-Jeff Mailes