Calvert – Chickens

Hello Garden Friends,

IMG_0123This week at Calvert we did a lesson about warm season and cool season vegetables. First, reviewing the 6 plant parts and then giving then giving them some basic guidelines to think about. For example: roots, stems, and leaves are the first plant parts to come out of a seed, the vegetables that we harvest for these plant parts can be grown in the cool season. And also: flowers, fruits, and seeds take longer for the plant to make so they need more days of sunshine and warm seasons. Then we took a pop quiz, looking at different seed packets and voting as to whether or not they needed to be planted during cold seasons or warm seasons. After correctly grouping the seeds 4 times in a row the kids won the game and got to choose their prize. The opportunity to plant the warm season seeds.. or, have a look under the mystery tarp!

As you can probably guess, the kids chose the mystery tarp.. and I was hoping they would. It isn’t easy to bring a chicken to school!

We then talked and I answered questions about what chickens do for the farm and what they give us to eat. They fertilize the soil, eat our weeds and pest insects, and also give us entertainment and eggs/meat! Some kids were astonished when I shared that we may eat this chicken. At this age it seems okay to eat chicken, but not one that you can see. The saga continues.

Until next time,

Farmer Jeff