Calvert – Kholrabi!

Hello Garden Friends,

Last Friday at Calvert we harvested our first kohlrabi! It took a while to process the stem and get to the sweet middle but it was definitely worth it.

We started the lesson by introducing the kindergarten class to the garden rules. There are three:

  1. Respect all life: The plants and animals we find in the garden live there 24 hours a day 7 days a week. When we visit the garden we must imagine we are entering their home. We wouldn’t appreciate it if a stranger came into our house and picked us up or poked us with a stick.. so we must refrain from these behaviors when visiting the bugs.
  2. Don’t eat or pick plants unless an adult says it’s okay: There are lots of good things to eat in the garden but every once in a while there could be something poisonous that would make us sick if we ate it. Also, if a plant was just picked, it needs a little while to build up its energy before it gets eaten again.
  3. Never say “Ew!”: When we say “Ew” our mind is closed and we cannot learn. Ew is something we say without thinking – often times we don’t even know exactly why we think something is gross. As soon as we say “Ew” we have already decided we don’t like it and don’t want to engage.

Little kids like rules and sensory activities so that’s pretty much what we did on the first day. We also sang “roots, stems, leaves”.. and then we had snack time!

Until next week,

-Jeff Mailes