California Native Seed Bombs

IMG_2007We did another round of seed bomb making at Toluca Lake Elementary and, again, it was a huge hit with the kids and the teachers!

The younger ones simply had fun learning to mix soil and water to make structures.  We can only hope that the pre-kinders remember that the seeds inside their mud balls are special California native flower seeds!IMG_2011








The older kids on the other hand got a more in depth lesson beyond playing in mud.  We broke down the parts into sand and clay soils.  I explained that the clay came from my front yard, which is a result of thousands of years of weathered soil.  The San Fernando Valley is a flood plain, so the soil under our feet has been aging and accumulating for quite some time, hence the clay.

When the students come back from spring break, the seed bombs will be ready to take home!

Before we got our hands muddy we snacked on nasturtium and sugar snap peas.  The cool weather is fleeting, but some winter veggies are pulling though!
IMG_2013  IMG_2017

Jessica Brown