Watching the Clouds | Juan Cabrillo

Today, we observed the recent rains — the puddles on the ground, the sky above full of different colored clouds, the direction of the wind … Why are some clouds white, why are some black, why are some grey? Which way is the wind blowing the clouds? Which way is North, South, East and West?

Frank and I used all of these ponderings to segway in reviewing the Water Cycle. As I told the story of a drop of water, we mentioned the term humidity (the measure of water in the air) and how much humidity needs to exist to precipitate (100%!), everyday examples of condensation (foggy bathroom mirror, water on the outside of a cold glass), different types of precipitation (snow, rain, hail), an example of ground water (i.e. a well), and why lakes and streams are not salty (I asked the students: what happened to the salt from the ocean? Did it disappear or get left behind? Ah yes – it got left behind in the ocean because salt is too heavy to evaporate with the water!)


One of our teachers even taught us a song! (I can’t wait to share this with future classes!)


I really enjoyed listening to the kids verbally process the whys, whats, whens and hows of the water cycle. They are so smart and it was an honor to share with them a day where we could legitimately observe the clouds!