Cucumbers & Tajin at Juan Cabrillo

I think my students at Juan Cabrillo have a new favorite snack: Cucumber and tajin! It’s too bad our cucumbers are nearly finished but the kids seem eager to find other things to sprinkle with the spicy and tangy seasoning. Swiss chard, nasturtium leaves, dinosaur kale and tomatoes. I’m thrilled that these students are so eager to try new things! As a famous nanny once said, “A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down.” Well, in this case, a sprinkle of tajin helps the vegetables go down!


Hope Cox

Native to Tennessee, Hope fell in love with urban farming while majoring in Nutrition/Dietetics at UT Chattanooga. She volunteered at an urban farm there for two years and gleaned (pun intended!) bushels of knowledge about harvesting & planting, CSA box coordination, farmers market stands, school field trips, farm-to-table and more. When Hope moved to Los Angeles in late 2014, she began volunteering with EnrichLA and soon after became a Ranger. She loves sharing with her elementary students the hands-on experience of gardening, finding bugs, composting and eating from the garden. The expression of glee on the students' faces when they discover a new critter or favorite vegetable is the best part of Hope's day! One day, she hopes to be a real farmer in the country but for now is glad to be learning the ins-and-outs of inner-city farming.