Busy Day at Vine St Elementary

At Vine St Elementary the students had lots to do. Removing a mint bed and planting a cover crop, transplanting some peppers, releasing butterflies, and of course a sweet date snack. The lesson on friend or foe insects in the garden was complimented nicely with the additional pollinators. Students learned that pollinators and decomposers aren’t the only garden friends. Predatory insects help keep garden pests at bay, and the insects that are eating live healthy plants typically do more harm than good.

– Ranger Dan

Danny Yaffe


I am happy to be one of the new Garden Rangers this year for EnrichLA.

I have a background in Biochemistry as well as Horticulture and Urban Agriculture.

As a third generation Los Angeles native I have been invested in improving the living conditions and opportunities in this great city since my time at UCLA.

It is an honor to be a part of this program and I look forward to helping improve LA’s youths relationships with food.

-Ranger Dan